Lupus and Osteoporosis: What Everyone Should Know

As a provider of rheumatology treatment in Muncie, Indiana, we treat a variety of bone and joint-related disorders. One of the many diseases that come under our focus is lupus.

The NIH Osteoporosis and Related Bone Diseases National Resource Center describes lupus as an autoimmune disease, the result when the immune system attacks the body’s own cells and tissues.

People with lupus experience a variety of symptoms like kidney problems, debilitating pain, and inflammation. The reason why this is pertinent to a rheumatologist in Indiana is the fact that bones, like the heart, kidney, and liver, are actually living tissues as well. This means that they are also damaged by lupus, resulting in swollen joints and weak bones.

According to the Lupus Foundation of America, researchers have discovered an increase in bone loss and risk of fractures among persons with lupus. In turn, this raises the risk of developing osteoporosis.

Fortunately, strategies for managing osteoporosis among lupus patients are quite similar for those without the disease. These strategies include:

  • Nutrition
    A diet rich in calcium and vitamin D can slow the progress of osteoporosis and lessen the risk of malformation and fractures.
  • Regular Exercise
    Weight-bearing exercises and resistance exercises strengthen bones. While it is true that lupus patients may not be able to maintain an exercise routine for long due to pain and inflammation, they can still benefit from basic exercises activities like walking.
  • Healthy Lifestyle Choices
    Smoking is not only harmful to the heart and lungs, but to the bones as well. This habit can impede the absorption of calcium and leave the bones weaker. Drinking alcohol can also damage bone health.
  • Professional Medical Intervention
    While both lupus and osteoporosis are currently incurable, professionals like those at Rheumatology in Central Indiana provide medical interventions to slow the progress of bone loss and treat the symptoms.

Our center offers diagnostic and treatment services, like osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis treatment. Give us a call for inquiries.

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